• Welcome to Nýpugarðar Guesthouse!

    Nýpugarðar is a guesthouse in the south of Iceland that offers economicly priced accommodation with an emphasis on good service. We offer lodging for 12 people and the rooms share two bathrooms. Nýpugarðar offer traditional Icelandic meals.

  • Glacier experience

    The road to Jöklasel is about 10 km west of Nýpugarðar and they offer snowmobile trips on Vatnajökull glacier. Jökulsárlón is about 47 km west of Nýpugarðar and Höfn is 37 km to the east.

  • Great view over the glacier terrain

    Nýpugarðar is positioned on a hill and has a great view over glaciers, Hornafjordur’s mountain ridge and the mezmerizing shoreline in the background.


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